Sunday, April 9, 2017

The tennis game

On the seventh of April which was on Friday and the cup we went to go watch was the Davis cup. year 6 and part of the year five group went to a tennis game at the ASB tennis stadium in the city.When we got to our seats we blew up thunder clappers at our seats and we had a test with it we were very very loud it was like BANG and on the other side of the stadium these Korean people were like doing this chant or something but on the top of them there was a tennis player in the rain without a T-shirt we all laughed at him.The game didn't start until like 1:30 or something.When it started my food that I took was nearly finished and we had to go to the bus soon so we just got bored that whole time we were there.We all had to go at 2:00 so we went out but the bus driver wasn't there we all had to walk far because I think the bus driver did not know where he was going by the way we went on a bendy bus.That's all i have bye.

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