Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Holidays

                              The Holidays😀😀😀
In the holidays my brother,friend and I went to the skate park in botany.We went by scooter and a BMX bike it was quite a long ride to the skate park but we made it.When we were riding I tripped and the scooter dropped and the handle bar came out CLANG!!! but lucky we had Allen keys so I tightened the bolts and I was ready to ride again but we did not have helmets on because we did not have any so yeah.There was lots of people so we couldn't ride the bike but later on in the day lots of people were gone so we could ride the bike but it was very hard because other people were riding in the spot too but I got the hang of it.My friend and my brother were doing their own thing so I did my own thing
This is all I have bye.

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