Sunday, September 10, 2017

zoo trip

On the 27th of July room 18 went on a zoo hunt for the 3rd biggest insect and that insect was a Weta/wetapunga. Room 18 were researching about the weta.  From ten to eleven o clock we got to look at some of the animals before we went to the rotorua center.A guy named Don was telling us all about a how a weta's life is.We were there until 12:00 so it was an hour we stayed inside the center.While we were in the center we got to hold some of the stuffed animals and they were the weta's predators and also we got to put a trap somewhere in the forest for a weta to hide.When we came in that's when Don came in with his gigantic friend the weta. Don was talking all about his little friend the weta oh and Don told us that they found the weta from the wild.Room 18 is going to get poo or scat "as the rich people like to say"from the weta to give scientist  so we can see the test results. This is my writing about the zoo trip I hoped you liked it BYE.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

maritme museum

The year 6 syndicate went to a water life museum called the maritime museum.We got to learn about waka's how the islanders got to newzealand and inside the waka. I was in group one so we went on the waka first.We went around the harbour bridge and back into the city we got to stand up and look around the waka even was really cool we even got to hear a very loud cannon shoot out it was small but very very very loud. We had to look for stuff but we didn't find all of it.We had a really good time at the maritime museum.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


On Wednesday 5th of July year 4,5 and year 6 had prep.Prep is a thing Dawson kids do every once a year.For prep my group made string art, and another group made fidget spinners.On prep we had to sell all of our products and make the biggest profits.It took a while to do but we did it.When we were hammering there was loud BANGING and SMACKING "probably room 17 heard''.When we were done we started stringing our art.We had to knot one nail and then go all the way around even in the eyes.Our group had lots of string materials and nails but we only had three hammers so three people hammer and the others start do the awesome string art.When it was selling day two people had to sell and the other three started buying.the most thing I liked was the mythical fusions because they made pizza and the thing most thing I didn't like was the musketeers the toffee apple group because i'm not a fan of toffee apples.our group sold all of our string was very cool and I liked it bye.

Thursday, June 8, 2017


On Thursday the 8th of June,Year 4,5 and 6 went to the Aotea square to watch a movie called Oliver.Oliver is a very old movie,This movie is about a boy that is an orphan and he gets taken to a factory.Oliver is an English,Oliver's last name is Twist so they called him Oliver Twist.[The characters]Fagin,Artful Dodger,Bill Sikes,Nancy,Mr.Bumble,Mr. Brownlow,Oliver Twist,Mr. SowerBerry,Noah Claypole,Mrs. Bedwin,''Wow now that's alot of people''.This is all about Oliver BYE.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Our experience with josh

This is us listening to Josh
2 weeks ago a guy called Josh came to visit room 18.He was from fisher & paykel Health Care,He came to talk about this machine called the HC 150 Humidifier I think?.We also had to make a toolbox for Josh to hold all his tools in it. Next time when Josh comes we are going to make a weta house for weta's to live in.These are some pictures of us helping him.
I hope you liked the Blog post about Josh helping us Bye.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Colour poem

                           Colour poem
Colour: Blue
Feels like: The waves pushing against you
Tastes like: water in your mouth
Smells like: A snow cone 
sounds like: the blue whale calling
Looks like: A big shark chomping

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Today in room 18 half of the class went to cooking and the other half went to gardening.So in the cooking room my friends and I made a dish called Spani kopata pasta.This yummy dish was created by the cool room 18.It was Delicious.We used silver beet,better or feta cheese,pasta and other tasty ingredients.we left it in the oven to keep warm so we had a little clean up and when we were done me and my friend talked until the gardening people came into eat.the dish was really fast like flash it was only 3 ingredients and some toppings t ogo with is and we were done.After this super yummy meal we all went back to class with yummy food in our belly.