Sunday, September 10, 2017

zoo trip

On the 27th of July room 18 went on a zoo hunt for the 3rd biggest insect and that insect was a Weta/wetapunga. Room 18 were researching about the weta.  From ten to eleven o clock we got to look at some of the animals before we went to the rotorua center.A guy named Don was telling us all about a how a weta's life is.We were there until 12:00 so it was an hour we stayed inside the center.While we were in the center we got to hold some of the stuffed animals and they were the weta's predators and also we got to put a trap somewhere in the forest for a weta to hide.When we came in that's when Don came in with his gigantic friend the weta. Don was talking all about his little friend the weta oh and Don told us that they found the weta from the wild.Room 18 is going to get poo or scat "as the rich people like to say"from the weta to give scientist  so we can see the test results. This is my writing about the zoo trip I hoped you liked it BYE.

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